Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge is a small little dessert place near the corner of King Edward and Main Street. They specialize in chocolate cake and who doesn’t like chocolate? I think out of a lot of the places that just specialize in dessert, Sweet Revenge is one of our favourites. They don’t have a lot of choices but whatever they do have, they do well. Also, it is a very cute little place with nice, warm decorations. It makes you want to just stay there, have a tea, a slice of cake and just to talk. We like it there! The only thing we have always wondered is how…this place works. Really, there are two people working the front and back and it makes us wonder: where do the cakes come from??? Neither of the waiters seemed to know too much about making a cake.

The Guy Score:
Ambiance: 9/10 (Although I have always wondered some of the Chinese references they have on the wall..)
Spendable Time: 1.5 hours. Because it is small and popular, it can get quite busy!
Price Range: $10-$15 per person
Overall: 8.5/10
Comments: I love sweet revenge because I personally love chocolate. I have always wanted to go on a weekday where it was less busy and you can sit there, talk, enjoy the fire and the comfortable couches. Sweet Revenge is definitely one of my favourite dessert places in Vancouver, recommended for dates!

Iced Lemon Mango Tea – $3.50

Sweet Revenge Tea

Guy Food Score: 8/10
Recommended to Order:
Guy Comments:
My girlfriend ordered this and I had a quick sip. It was just as advertised: strong flavours of lemon and mango. I liked how they actually gave you pieces of lemon in there – probably a little bit of Asian influence. Not sure how the tea was made but I anticipate it should’ve come from a gel. However, you get to choose how sweet it is yourself and it definitely has a very strong fruity flavour that was advertised.

Chocolate Sampler + Ice-Cream (CSI Vancouver) – $16.50
The sampler comes with white chocolate cheesecake, old-fashioned chocolate cake, chocolate gateau and Sweet Revenge with 2 cups of vanilla ice-cream.

Sweet Revenge Cakes

Guy Food Score: 9/10
Recommended to Order:
You have to come on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday just to get this. Well worth it.
Guy Comments:
Wow! I have always wanted to do this at Sweet Revenge and finally got to do this (thanks for going with me!). This is a sampler where you literally get to try everything they have on the menu in little quantities – not so much that it gets too rich for your stomach! Okay, so my score might be a tad biased because of this.

Ice-cream wise, this is definitely not something they bought from a grocery store and scooped to you. It seemed home made and even the ramicans were cold. It had a very strong vanilla bean flavour and for anyone who loves vanilla ice-cream, this was a very, very good one. It was rich, not over-poweringly sweet, nor did it have a strong taste of cream/milk that covered the natural taste of vanilla.

Now let’s talk about the cakes…but where do I start? Let’s start with the one I didn’t like the most – the cheesecake. I just naturally don’t like cheesecake but I thought this one was acceptable, so that must mean it was really good (my girlfriend sure liked it). This is followed by the old-fashioned cake. The cake was done really well, it’s just old-fashioned so not as exciting as the other two. In terms of texture of the cake, this one was really moist and texture wise, it was a bit harder than I expected, but in a good way. You may be thinking that since there’s no gateau or chocolate flakes or sauce, the chocolate flavour would be very subtle but it’s not. It was very strong still! Afterwards, I enjoyed the gateau cake. The gateau was very strong and rich in dark chocolate flavour but it was not bitter. It was delicious and the base of the cake was a more mousse like texture – it just melts in your mouth! Lastly, I enjoyed the Sweet Revenge the most. I just love the combination of raspberry and chocolate. It had little layers of gateau at the top and bottom and the cake inside was very, very moist. It wasn’t very chocolatey but had more of a light, coffee taste that really blended well with the raspberry and chocolate. There was also a cream-like chocolate filling in the center with little hard pieces of chocolate here and there. Highly recommend this sampler – well worth the $16.50 considering most of their cake slices are in the $8-$10 range!

Sweet Revenge Information:
4160 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 879-7933

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