Excellent Tofu & Snack (好好豆品專門店)

Excellent Tofu & Snack (好好豆品專門店)

There are not that many good Asian dessert places in Metro Vancouver. In fact, we do not know of any outside of Richmond and this is the only one that we think serves decent Tofu Pudding. This has to be one of our favourite light desserts and considering 100% Desserts is not very good, it has become one of our favourite destinations when it comes to having a quick, cheap Asian dessert after dinner. Surprisingly, Excellent Tofu and Snack opens until very late (i.e. 11 pm even). At this hour, most people just buy Tofu Pudding but they also serve the odd snacks (like fish balls and such). There are many who come to buy it to go, or soya milk, which looks pretty good!

They have a very decent variety of tofu pudding – from plain, to fruity ones, to ones with toppings etc. etc. They serve it both hot and cold but beware, the cold ones are more popular and once they are sold out…well, you only got either the plain ones or the hot ones left. They also have some daily specials in terms of a traditional sweet dessert soup (Chinese style) that they have everyday for those of you who are not big fans of Tofu Pudding. We are. 🙂

The Guy Score:
Ambiance (considering it is for dates): 5/10
Spendable Time: They won’t kick you out, but then again, you only have a little bit of food.
Price Range: $5 per person
Overall: 7/10
Comments: Quick, easy, simple, and dessert which actually doesn’t make you feel guilty! It’s definitely a place to drop by from time to time. Not spectacular tofu pudding (but then again, the best that I have found in Metro Vancouver anyways), but it’s pretty good!

Tofu Pudding – $3.00 or $3.50 with one topping (on the right, it is evaporated milk)

Tofu   Tofu 2

Guy Food Score: 7.5/10
Recommended to Order:
This is what they are known for and mostly what they serve!
Guy Comments:
The Tofu Pudding here is really good. Not extraordinary but great. It is very, very smooth and has a very good texture to it. I find it a bit too watery at times though. The tofu pudding here is tasteless, and you have to add sugar (either normal plain white syrup or the one with ginger in it) to your liking. If you get it to go, they will give you sugar too. The only complaint is that because it is a bit too watery, you have to add extra sugar at times just to get enough sweetness. I have never been a fan of having toppings on these things (and I can’t have the milk one, so can’t comment, let my girlfriend do that), but this is definitely one of my more favourite Asian desserts (plus, it’s good for me!). For $3.00, it’s not a big investment. Note that you do not need to tip and tax is included in the price!

Excellent Tofu & Snack Information:
160-4231 Hazelbridge Way
Vancouver, BC
(604) 232-0268

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