Seasons in the Park

Seasons in the Park

Seasons is another Sequoia Restaurant that we absolutely love. In fact, it is definitely one, if not our most favourite restaurant. We come here quite often – definitely our go two place when we are craving for some fancy food and want to spend a bit of time enjoying dinner. Why is that? Well, first of all, it has the best appetizers that we have ever had anywhere else. It has very nice ambiance (right up near QE Park and a decent view of downtown Vancouver when it is not too foggy out. Overall, the restaurant has a very wooden theme with some traditional, high class finishes) and very friendly service – people who talk to you, actually seem to care about what you say, and never ever hurry you. If you eat slow like us, they will have the next course only when you have finished one (attention to detail!). Even when you are waiting for a seat, they have a very nice open waiting area for you. The restaurant is large and if you are seated outside, the fires they have keep you quite warm. They are also open until quite late (past 11 pm I believe). Prices wise, we agree that it is not cheap. But on the other hand, for the type of experience you are getting, we believe it is worth it. The only complaint we may have is the parking (you have to pay no matter how late it gets…). Aside from that, what else do you want from a restaurant?

The Guy Score:
Ambiance (considering it is for dates): 10/10
Spendable Time: Enjoy Seasons! Please please do!
Price Range: $25-$30 per person
Overall: 9.5/10
Comments: I loveee going to Seasons! I love their appetizers, I love their ambiance and it is an excellent place for dinner dates. The mains are good (not spectacular relative to other restaurants we have been to) and never disappoints. We have only had dessert here once and from what I recall, it was pretty good. No matter what you get, I am sure it is solid and there are things that just blows your mind. Definitely a wonderful place for a date.

For most of our dates now at Seasons, we go for two appetizers and one main. And yes, we choose the bigger appetizers and with one main, it is definitely enough food.

Mussels  – $15.00 + Side Fries  – $5.00 + Complimentary Bread

Mussels are made in a curry, white-wine, coconut

Seasons Mussels Seasons FriesSeasons Bread

Guy Food Score: 10/10 (mussels), 8/10 (fries), 8.5/10 (bread)
Recommended to Order:
Guy Comments: Seasons has the best mussels ever. Hands down. We have had mussels in many fine-dining places close by the waters – from Hong Kong to Seattle to Vancouver and even other Sequoia Restaurants (Sandbar and Teahouse). Seasons just does it the absolute best. The mussels are very fresh, cooked to order, plump and are never closed. They give you all the utensils you need and a wholleee lotta mussels. You rarely, if ever, get one of those mussels that taste really bad and ruin the taste of mussels for the rest of the night. Seasons has changed the way they do their mussels many times – it used to be in this Thai Curry Broth which are absolutely to die for. I will give it 100/10 if I have to. Unfortunately, they changed it up now. It used to be a regular white-wine and coconut broth, followed by a spicy tomato and coconut sauce, and now it has slowly changed back to a regular curry one. However, the Thai one is still the absolute best and I really do wish they bring it back.

The great part of the mussels is the broth. It goes excellent with the fries. Seasons fries are cooked to order – hot, crispy and fresh cut. In a way, it reminds me of McDonalds fries because of the way it is cut, but these have a stronger potato, fresh, natural taste and are not heavily salted – justttt right. The other thing the broth goes superbly with is the complimentary bread. We easily have two baskets – the broth is just excellent, my girlfriend drinks it like soup. I tend to be more normal and dip my bread in the broth (and at times, add butter to that too). These mussels and the sauce are just wonderful – you must try this.

Albacore Tuna Carpaccio – $13.00
Seasons Tuna Carpaccio

Guy Food Score: 8.5/10
Recommended to Order: Yes, but not as good as mussels.
Guy Comments: I like the tuna carpaccio, but my girlfriend absolutely loves it. Don’t get me wrong, the tuna is very fresh and sliced very well and thinly. The seasoning is great – it reminds me of a very light vinagrette with cherry tomatoes and a bit of nori I believe. The seeds (I believe sunflower?) work very well with it as well and gives it a nice texture. It has a very strong tuna flavour still despite the dressing and I think the dressing just adds to it. It’s just when I have tuna, I like it a bit richer (i.e. fattier) and I prefer the Japanese way better. However, this is still a very solid and fresh appetizer.

12 Oz AAA New York Striploin
red wine jus, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables (cherry tomatoes, broccolini)

Seasons Strip Loin

Guy Food Score: 8.5/10
Recommended to Order: Solid
Guy Comments: The steak has a very great grilled taste with a strong meaty flavour. Do not get this over medium – it makes it not good. The sauce is very savoury as well. The meat is cooked very well (juicy, not as juicy as Dark Table though! There is a stronger grilled and peppery flavour if you like that), and the steak is aged well with a good amount of fat. It is not booming with meat, grilled and savoury flavours with lots of fat content like what you can get at Metropolitian Grill (that steak is to die for). However, this steak is solid and one of the best strip loin steaks you can get in Vancouver (based on what we tried). The mashed potatoes was very smooth (wished there was a bit more though) and creamy and fluffy. The tomato was excellent if you like the strong, slightly sour, tomato flavour. The brocolini, just like all the other vegetables, seemed to be blanched and then dressed with olive oil and seasoning. Overall, this is a solid entree at Seasons. I have gotten quite hard on steaks very since the Met in Seattle….

Seasons in the Park Information:
Queen Elizabeth Park (follow the signs up to Seasons)
West 33rd Avenue at Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 874-8008

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