Art of the Table

Art of the Table


Seattle has some fantastic eats, some of which you simply can not find in Vancouver. Art of the Table has to be one of the top and it is rated as #1 place to visit on TripAdvisor. It is definitely on the more expensive end, offering a 9-course tasting menu for $80 (USD) and on 3 of the days they open (Sunday is one of them), they will also offer their daily a-la carte menu. Their Pacific Northwest, local menu changes everyday.

Art of the Table is a small but cozy and intimate 20-ish seater restaurants. They have communal table that you can join at 7pm but otherwise, they do have some small tables for couples. The ambiance (similar to a much more upscale version of Oakwood Canadian Bistro in Vancouver) has a natural and local theme using many nicely polished wooden things and furniture. We do like the dimly lit atmosphere with candle accents and that all tables are right next to a window – makes it a very comfortable place to just relax and have a very nice dinner.  Food wise, the size of the dishes are meant to be small (kind of like a tapa style) so you can try everything. However, every dish has something unique going on – multi-layered for sure! Quick tip – we believe the a-la carte menu is a bit more bang for your dollar for what you get for the 8 course sharing menu if you are able to share with someone!

The Guy Score:
Ambiance: 9/10
Spendable Time: A place to relax! Sit and enjoy!
Price Range: $40-$50 per person
Overall: 9.5/10
Comments: Very relaxing atmosphere with the candles and I like the wooden tables – really emphasizes they are doing local and fresh foods here. I also love the open-kitchen concept and you can see how clean they keep the place, their prep work and how much effort they put into their presentation and most importantly, how passionate they are for what they do. Staff, who explains every dish for you before they serve, were friendly and attentive except towards the end as they were cleaning up where they would disappear and go outside (only complaint). Food is out of this world, especially considering the variety of things they do so well!! I do agree it is a bit expensive for the amount you get but it is really worth it. There are so many layers on it, exquisite attention to detail with everything complimenting the whole dish. Well executed, creative dishes with great ingredients. Probably the most 10/10 I have ever given in one night.

We decided to order a-la carte because we believe it was better value and we had more control over what we wanted to try. Curious about why we rave about the quality of the food? Read on:

Oysters – $15.00
1/2 dozen shgoko oysters, pickled apple-pink peppercorn mignonette, thyme

AOTT Oysters

Guy Food Score: 10/10
Recommended to Order:
Guy Comments:
I normally hate oysters. But this one is out of the park good. The plump oysters were amazingly fresh – just look at the size of them compared to the shell! The thyme and apple-pink peppercorn gives it a very unique crunch and sweetness to the dish. The migonette sauce that comes in the oyster (probably from the natural oyster and something acidic like lime juice and vinegar) really gives it a huge accent! Must try and pretty reasonable pricing as well for 6, fresh oysters that are more than just shucked! After having this, you wonder why you ever put tobassco or cocktail sauce on your oysters…

Foie Gras – $17.00
seared foie gras, black mole, sope, spiced apple, mustard-cider reduction


Guy Food Score: 9.5/10
Recommended to Order:
Guy Comments:
Beautiful presentation. I am not a big fan of foie gras either but this one is incredible – to die for! A bit small, but the sear on it is amazing with a perfect golden brown without it being burnt on any edges – just look at how even it is. The foie gras just melts in your mouth and you get the crispiness and savoury flavour of the of sear with every little mouthful. The spiced apple below it is very amazing and works well with the mustard-cider reduction – great balance between the acidity  sweetness of the apples with just a hint of heat. Great consistency too of all the sauces. Not 100% sure what the black mole sauce was but it was sweet (with a slight fruity fragrance to it) as well with a consistency sort of like jam. Excellent dish, only small complaint is that there is a little bit too much going on (3 different sauces).

Daily Fish – $18.00
hoh river wild steelhead trout, celeriac remoulade, herb puree, heirloom orange, pistachio, citrus vinaigrette


Guy Food Score: 10/10
Recommended to Order: PLEASE DO!
Guy Comments: Best salmon I have had, ever. Period. As always, beautiful presentation and a very multi-layered dish. The heirloom oranges were just so sweet and citrus and exploding with juices. Love the texture of it – so incredibly soft. The contrast of this with the little explosions of flavour you get from biting into fresh ikura was phenomenal. I also like the slight crunch of the celeriac remoulade – it is kind of like a very light and upscale version of cole slaw. Now, the herb puree. Absolutely incredible. If you love herbs as much as I do, you’ll love this. It is an eruption of fresh, herby flavours all coming together with every bite. The salmon is definitely the second highlight of this dish. The skin was SO crispy with a wonderful crust (I definitely taste peppercorn), and so moist, flaky and perfectly seasoned that brings out the flavour of the salmon. 10/10!

Daily Meat Dish – $18.00
grilled pork chop, turnips and kale, apple butter, apricot mostarda, mustard vinaigrette


Guy Food Score: 10/10
Recommended to Order: Best of the night! I will give 100/10 if I can!
Guy Comments: Presentation wise – very rustic and elegant. Taste wise. Can a porkchop get tastier and juicier than this? Yes, it is not just moist, but JUICY! It was grilled to a savoury perfection and seasoned very nicely and you can taste the rosemary and thyme in there amongst the other secret things they use I am sure. The turnips and kale were not just blanched but pan fried and seasoned light and absorbs the extra juices coming out from the porkchop and works well in contrast with the citrusy taste of the soft apricot (love the seeds on top – looks great!). The mustard vinaigrette is also very good, never knew how well mustard can compliment porkchops with if done lightly and with a bit of acidity for balance. The apple butter is very unique – hard to describe, but very light and reminds me of concentrated apple sauce with a more foamy texture. Best dish of this fantastic night!

Daily Dessert – $10.00
hazelnut-caramel tart, vanilla-carpano antica ice-cream, pear compote, huckleberry sauce


Guy Food Score: 8.5/10
Recommended to Order: Yes!
Guy Comments: I like this dessert – the homemade vanilla ice-cream was very rich, excellent smooth and silky texture, with a hint of alcohol (I believe that is the carpano-antica). I also like how there is just fine little beans in there for that extra kick. The tart was well done – the crust was amazingly thin but flaky. There was just soo much topping on there – the hazelnut flavour (not super crunchy but still firm) and caramel just stands out! I am not a big fan of this type of nutty desert though, was hoping for something that tastes less effort on your jaws to end the night. The pear compote was also fantastic, soft and keeping the inherent sweetness of the pear. I think the aspect of this dish that brings it better than normal is the huckleberry sauce. If you have never tried what that is, you must. It is like a good cross between all the good berries you like – so hard to describe, you just have to try it! Although the sauce works well with the ice-cream, I am not sure if the sauce works well the tart. I think it may be better individually.

Art of the Table Information:
1054 N 39th Street
Seattle, WA
(206) 282-0942
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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