Metropolitan Grill

Metropolitan Grill

We love Metropolitian Grill. Situated in the corner of downtown Seattle, it has to have the best steak. Period. The ambiance, service and food are just classical steakhouse. It is quite stereotypical but that’s why it is so great – simply excellent steaks that are beyond words. If you order desserts, they will Flambé tableside, just a symbol of how classically great it is here. Tons and tons of celebrities and athletes have dined here and you know that means something. Although it is quite expensive, the steaks will surely not disappoint. We even drove down here for a steak once – it is THAT good. Nothing in Vancouver is even remotely close to this.

Parking wise, you will have to pay from nearby parking lots or you can valet (not too unaffordable but the tip does add). Lots of them offer evening rates ($10 or so for the night) or you can cab here. Buses around downtown are free too during certain hours if you go from downtown to downtown. Also, if you think the met is a bit expensive, do try to take advantage of their yearly two-for-one deal where you can dine here once and get the same amount of money back as a cash coupon for use next time! It is going on right now until end of March!

The Guy Score:
Ambiance: 9.5/10
Spendable Time: The steaks are so good, you really want to take your time, close your eyes and cherish the flavours.
Price Range: $60-$100 per person
Overall: 10/10
Comments: BEST steaks ever we have tried thus far by a landslide!! Expensive likely due to the quality of beef, but really, the quality is out of this world and you can’t get this in Vancouver in terms of flavour (not even close and we have tried some high end restaurants). Definitely filling. Service wise, very friendly and recommends you and helps you out if you are a tourist from getting a cab, putting your jacket away, greeting you with a smile, doing extra things to ensure you get a table (i.e. we came once without a reservation and they moved a few things to ensure we got a spot). Ambiance wise, it is very classical with wooden and green fabric accented decor and a little light on the white tablecloth draped over the table. Roomy and comfortable. There’s a reason why it’s so popular and famous – might be one of the top steakhouses in North America. Please do stay and cherish the flavours. It is expensive but very bite is just… literally to die for.

And here comes the deadly steaks, and a night where we definitely ate way too much (so worth it):

Complimentary Bread

Met Bread

Guy Food Score: 8.5/10
Guy Comments:
Warm bread that is hard on the outside and very soft on the inside. A huge ice-cream scoop of churned, soft butter that is very creamy, silky and smooth and delicious. Don’t eat too much – the steaks will definitely fill you up!!

Escargot – $19.00
with herb butter, crostini, green salad on vinaigrette

Met Escargo

Guy Food Score: 8/10
Recommended to Order:
Guy Comments:
Presentation is mediocore but makes up in the flavour. The escargot was tasty, delicious and good on its own without the herb butter (lots of herb in it already – garlicy, herby and tasty!). The melted clarified butter just makes it too rich for me. Nice texture on the escargot – not slimey, but soft. I like how it is served on the shells. The salad (yes, bacon bits were there) and crostini (with a garlic spread) were ordinary. A bit overdressed in terms of the salad (loses the crunch). The crostini was crispy but a bit too thick. Lots of food for an appetizer I have to say – I’d be happier without all the other fixings and just the snails with the price lowered.

16 oz. American Wagyu New York Striploin with baked potato – $65.00

Met - Strip Loin

Guy Food Score: 10/10
Recommended to Order: PLEASE DO!! 100/10 if I can give it!
Guy Comments: My favourite cut if done medium – medium rare. I will give this 100/10 if I can!! It is marbled with fat everywhere but not in huge chunks which really ensures the whole cut of meat is juicy. That’s the best thing about this striploin – super juicy marbelized with the fat. Super excellent balance between the meaty natural flavour of beef and juiciness. Expertly and simply seasoned (i.e. no super weird steak rubs) that is grilled to perfection with a crispy crust. I also like how it is tender but still has a bit of a bite. The potato was very soft and they break it up and mix it for you tableside depending on how you want it done. When you order, please order the Wagyu, it is worth the $5 or so you pay extra (it is a lot better, we tried USDA and this and Wagyu wins in terms of moistness and flavour). TOO DELICIOUS!! Thinking about it makes my mouth water.

13 oz. American Wagyu Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes – $73.00

Met - Tenderloin

Guy Food Score: 10/10
Recommended to Order: SO GOOD! 100/10!
Guy Comments: The filet mignon here is excellent. Make sure you order the 13oz. because for just $17 more, you almost get double the size. And you’d want more – every bite is a joy. Compared to the strip, this cut is much thicker and much more tender. The meaty flavour is slightly less intense. There’s a bit less fat so it is not as moist (but still is very moist). But the great thing about this cut is that is just melts in your mouth like buttterrrr. Definitely best served pink (i.e. mid-rare). As with usual, expertly grilled, just look at the grill marks and I assure you the crust is just as good as the strip. The Yukon Gold mashed potatoes (just hints of garlic flavour I feel) were lovely. Very velvety soft and no lumps and has a nice full consistency. Seasoned well and creamy with butter.  SO DELICIOUS!! 100/10! But I personally prefer the strip more, but my girlfriend loves this more.

Both steaks come with a nice, light rosemary au jus as well! Try the steaks with and without it!

Asparagus Sauce with Bernaise Sauce – $10.00

Met Asparagus

Guy Food Score: 7/10
Recommended to Order: If you feel healthy and want something to go with your steak…
Guy Comments: The asparagus was good but not spectacular. Well seasoned but I think it is slightly overcooked for me, the texture is a bit too soft. Coated with a fair amount of olive oil which gives it good flavour, but I’d prefer it less dressed. The Bernaise sauce is creamy but I think it makes the vegetables too rich and I prefer without it (hence, I got it on the side). That’s quite a bit of asapargus and I wish they got options to order a smaller amount for a lower price so we can try other sides too.

Metropolitan Grill Information:
820 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA
(206) 624-3287

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